May 7, 2012
NEW TURNOUT - It all starts with a turnout, in this case custom fit for the site.  The lower track in this
photo is straight up to about halfway, then curved.  The upper track is curved on the left of the photo,
then straight.
MODIFIED TEMPLATE - I used the same template as used for track panels, but I
installed guides so that the edges of the ties (left side of photo) will fit the curved rail.  Most
other turnouts have a straight side and curved side, so I guess you could call this one a
Skewed Wye Turnout.
WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? - a Turnout Delivery Rack for the golf cart of
LOCKED AND LOADED - ready for delivery to the railroad.
ON SITE FITTING - looks like it will fit just right.  Next steps are marking the
rails, cutting the rails, removing the old track, and scraping the ballast to the side.
BOLTED IN - the turnout has been dropped in place and the joint bars have
been bolted on.  Next it's time to shovel on the ballast.
COULDN'T STOP - With the turnout in place, I couldn't help myself, I just
HAD to attach a track panel and start another.
THREE PANELS DONE - Before the end of the day I had 3 ten-foot track
panels installed and ballasted.  The black thing in the back is the ballast car.
FOUR PANELS DONE - now you can see the line curving through the trees.
TRACK INSPECTORS - Candy and Bella check out the new track.
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