AUGUST 22, 2010
We had scheduled a picnic on what was originally predicted as a sunny day in the mid 80's with a chance of
after-noon thunderstorms.  Well, as the day got closer, the prediction got worse, we told everyone to stand
by, we'll make a go/no go decision in the morning.  Sunday morning it was raining hard and predicted to rain
for the rest of the day. So we e-mailed everyone that it was cancelled.  But not everyone got the
here's how it went.
Dave and Kelly left their house at 1:30 in clear weather but hit a major storm
just be-fore they got to our place.  It had just cleared up when they arrived, so
we said OK, let's run trains and have a little picnic anyway!
The rails were just drying out when it rained again, just briefly this time, but
after-ward we got back out there and ran trains some more.  Before too long
the weather cleared and it was sunny from about 4:00 on.
HORSE CROSSING - Dancer decided the grass was greener on the other
side of the tracks, so Dave and Kelly had to wait.  Dancer's an Arabian horse,
a retired racer.
THE GANG'S ALL HERE - Charlotte's sister Margie and her family stopped
by, along with Colleen, Adrian, Brianne, and Mike...and Spicey the dog...and
the horses.
Margie walks Spicey while her son Johnny and husband John ride the train.
Johnny gives Aunt Charlotte a ride.
Johnny cracks a smile.  Can you blame him?
Now we're back to two trains again.  After a while, Dave and Kelly drove
separate trains - fast - and
this video shows what happens when you go too