FEBRUARY 9, 2010
We had about 20 inches of snow on February 6, and it was just too deep to get to the Red Zone to check out the trains.  After we
cleared a trail with the snowblower, we could finally walk down there.  The snow was not only deep but it was heavy.  As you
can see, it wasn't easy to plow.  We tried our best to use the Critter Plow, but the work was so heavy that it kept blowing fuses.  
I tried pushing the Critter Plow by hand, but it didn't work very well.  So I cleared the rest of the line with a snowshovel.
CLEARING A PATH - The day after the storm, Charlotte and I used the
snow-blower to clear a path to the trains - about 700 feet.  The horses like the path
BURIED BRIDGE - Underneath the snow is a girder bridge, completely covered
except the edge on the far left.  Our dog Bella was the first to walk across it.
OUT OF THE SHED - I had cleared the top two-thirds of the snow with a shovel,
and the Critter did OK pushing what was left.  It had a lot of weight on it!
SMILES - I'm smiling now, with the first attempt at pushing the snow without
pre-shoveling, but I won't be smiling for long.
IMPRINT - Here's what it looked like when I backed off a bit.
DIGGING IN - After a good head start, I could push about 2 feet at a time.  But it
blew a fuse, then another on the next run, so I knew this wouldn't work.
SNOWED IN - this snow was just too deep and too heavy.
PUSHING - I tried pushing the Critter into the snow but it didn't work too well.
VIEW FROM ABOVE - The reddish glow is the reflection from my bright red coat.
END OF THE LINE - This is as far as we got with the plow.  Then I had to shovel!