12/3/09 and 6/13/10
Up until now, the Goat has been stored in the garage on the Goat Tote.  I figured I need the
trailer for hauling other things as well, and it's not too good to have that much weight on the tires
all the time.  So I built a bench for the Goat, as low as the trailer, so the locomotive could load
and unload from the trailer much like a ferry at the dock.  For lack of a better name, we'll just
call it the Docking Station.
BASIC CONSTRUCTION - A 14 by 39 inch piece of 3/4 plywood, 2x4's
on the sides, 2x8's on the ends, and 2x4's across the bottom.  Simple and
ON THE DOCK - the Goat has moved off the trailer onto the dock.  It's 9.5
inches high, just like the trailer.  There's a brace to keep the trailer from
HANDY WORK TABLE - When upright, this is a very handy surface for
doing work that doesn't require a lot of room, like drilling holes in ties or drilling
joint bars.
LOCKED AND LOADED - The docking station and the Goat Tote (trailer)
work well together for getting the Goat loaded up and ready to go for a ride.