DECEMBER 14, 2008
It's been a while since the last web page, but it doesn't mean I haven't been working on the railroad.  The main work has been
construction of track panels.  There are now 21 panels completed, which should be enough to complete the railroad's first loop.
PREDRILLED TIES - This template is used to drill holes in the ties, already
spaced for properly gauged rails.
DRILLING - Using a 7/64 inch bit, four holes are drilled in each tie.  The
holes make it much easier to screw the rails to the ties.
PRE-SCREWED TIES - By starting one side of screws for each rail, the rail will go onto the
ties much quicker.  When the rail is applied, one sided is tightened, the other side remaining
slightly loose.
ANOTHER INSPECTION - Tomecca checks out the tools in the tray as we
take it down to the Red Zone along with track panel number 21.
STAGGERED RAILS - The rails are offset 14 inches so the joints will be on
separate ties, leading to smoother joints and stronger track.
ONE RAIL AT A TIME - On this panel I tried a new trick - installing the
inside rail after securing the outside rail joint and adjusting the panel for the
TODAY'S PROGRESS - In two hours I bolted five panels together, got them
curved, and adjusted the tie alignment.  Ballast will be applied tomorrow.