Oct. 20, 2009 and June 13, 2010
We needed a better way to shuttle the Goat, the Critter, and the generator between the Red Zone and the
garage.  So we designed a small flatbed trailer low enough to ramp on and off the track, and narrow enough to
fit through the back yard gate. After I cut plywood pieces for the Goat's tender I had a 29 by 44 inch piece left
for the trailer's deck.
CHEAP MATERIALS - The base was made of leftover materials from other
projects plus some pieces of "cull" lumber from Home Depot.  Wood price:
about $12.
ALMOST FINISHED - I got wheels for 4.00 and hitch for 8.00 on sale at
Harbor Freight, plus 8.00 for an axle.  Total cost? only 36 dollars.  It looks
nice too!
READY TO ROLL - With a fresh coat of satin black paint, it's ready to go to
LOCKED AND LOADED - Ready to take the Goat on a test drive!
NEW RAMP - A few months later I built a ramp to help with unloading.  The
idea is to be able to unload the Goat (or the Critter) without disconnecting the
RAMP IN ACTION - It works well, and the Goat can unload or load itself
under its own power. This engine is just too heavy to lift.