SEPT. 1 - OCT. 8, 2009
The "Critter" has been such a successful locomotive, we wanted to have another locomotive with a similar
anism. The folks at Ride Trains offered a mechanism for a Davenport side-rod locomotive as a "beta test"
model.  Originally I was going to build a Davenport body, but we got to thinking, we can make this into a
steam locomotive. Well, one of my old favorites might be close enough to work with this mechanism - a
Reading A5a 0-4-0 switcher.
HEAVY - The UPS guy probably wondered what could possibly weigh 100
WHAT'S INSIDE - a siderod locomotive mechanism, made of solid steel
BATTERY PLATFORM - the location will be inside the locomotive cab.
SECURING THE BATTERIES - Threaded rod is secured through the steel
BATTERIES INSTALLED - A nice solid place for the 380 CCA lawn tractor
Later I had to modify this installation to fit the locomotive's upper deck.
DECK INSTALLED - The front is on the left, and the firebox will be on the
right, extended a couple inches past the end of the original frame.
WHAT THE HECK IS IT - Once it was a it looks like a scary
MYSTERY SOLVED - It's a boiler for the Goat!  Imagine a cab around the
CAB ROUGHED IN - The boiler slides into the front wall.  I'm not exactly
sure yet about the curve of the roof.  I'll have to compare this photo with
prototype photos.
SIDE VIEW - The goat's dimensions seem to match the prototype's, at least
the basics.  Next: cut out the cab windows and make a roof.
GETTING THERE - The side windows are cut out, the roof profile changed
slightly, and a temporary plastic roof applied.  The aluminum I have is too stiff to
FINISHED PRODUCT - Just kidding!  This is Fred's live steam Reading A5a
Camelback.  As long as ours looks somewhat similar to this one I'll be happy.