SEPTEMBER 18-20, 2009
BUILT AND DELIVERED - The turnout was built using the same dimensions
as the Sunnyside turnout, right hand instead of left hand, and delivered via golf
PIECING IT TOGETHER - It took several extra pieces to fit the rails to the
existing track.  None of the new pieces were less than three feet long.
NOT A PERFECT FIT - The new turnout did not fit the original curve, and
although I figured on a little bit of adjustment, it turned into a major re-alignment.
ROLLER COASTER TRACK - once the track was moved over to its new
align-ment, almost four feet in some spots, there was still a lot of work to do.
JUST IN TIME DELIVERY - Paul stopped by Saturday afternoon with a load
of rocks intended for the streambed.  But I had another use for some of them...
RAISING THE ROADBED - A number of the flatter rocks were placed
under the ties, ballast applied and tamped, and adjusted with the help of a
car-mounted level.
FIRST RUN ON THE NEW ALIGNMENT - Sunday morning the Critter
took a spin on the newly re-installed track.  There were still a few low spots.
AND ONTO THE NEW TURNOUT - nice and smooth, the turnout will do
just fine.  Later that afternoon Charlotte and I took a ride and it worked out