EIGHTEEN FEET CLOSER - Today I built and installed another track panel,
then decided to add one more that was already built.  Charlotte stopped by to
keep me company, and she said no reason to stop now, so just keep going if
you're up to it!
PUSHING IT OVER - After spiking pegs to mark the original alignment, I
moved two sections of the old main line by hitting the ends of the ties with a
ALMOST CONNECTED - By now the left rail is bolted together and all
that's left of the connections is cutting, drilling, and bolting the other rail.
BREAK-IN RUN - The next evening I did a lot of work fastening ties,
straightening track, leveling roadbed, and ballasting.  Then it was time to let the
Critter try it!
DONE ITS FIRST LAP - The Critter made it just fine.  I still had a good bit
of ballasting and tamping to do before we could let anybody ride.
FIRST RIDE - I had a little time to add ballast, and then our neighbor Harold
and his grandson Tony stopped by to check out the railroad.  So we just HAD
to ride!
TONY'S FIRST RIDE - This is Tony's first ride on the railroad. We took it
nice and slow because the track wasn't all that smooth yet.  Bella was our
OVER THE RIVER - Then I took Charlotte for a ride.  She really enjoyed it.
You can hear a different sound as the train crosses the bridge.
A MULE VISITS THE RAILROAD - A Kawasaki Mule, that is.  Harold (in
the passenger seat) is the gentleman who gave us that big load of gravel last