OVER THE RIVER - The new track is now well past the bridge. There was a
lot of grading work to do, so I did one 9-foot section at a time.
AND THROUGH THE WOODS - It was nice and shady here in this grove
of trees, so we'll call it Shady Grove.  Despite the shade, it still felt hot in the
high humidity.
STONE BALLAST - August 30 was a beautiful day.  I used the tractor to
move a good amount of ballast onto the track, and then did a lot of shovel
CALVERT CULVERT - By September 1, we're well beyond the culvert.  
Several days I was time constrained - able to build just one panel and install it
before dark.
OVERALL VIEW - It's September now and the shadows are getting longer.  I
better get some pictures before dinner.  I probably won't get much more
progress today!
ALMOST THERE - Now we have 19 track panels done and just 3 to go.  
Hopefully we have enough rail left over to build the turnout!
NARROWING THE GAP -  Looking from the other side, you can see how
small the gap is.  There is some height adjustment to do, but we have lots of
ballast to do it with.