AUGUST 1, 2009
DUMPING IT - My good neighbor Harold is watching his son-in-law Cecil
dump a load of 3/4 inch stone.  Harold worked at the Maryland Materials
quarry for 50 years!
SCOOPING IT - My tractor has a 4-foot bucket, and I was able to scoop
four bucketfuls into the 4x8 trailer for each trip.  I'm finally getting the hang of
FILLING IT - Paul did a great job as "dump truck driver," spotting the trailer in
the loading zone as quickly as I could grab a scoopful with the tractor.
CHECKING IT - Bella checks out the trailer after we emptied it (by hand)
near the shed.  We transported 30 scoops in all, well over half of the pile.
FIRST RIDE ON THE NEW TRACK - the ballast was freshly installed and
we hadn't gotten a chance to adjust the track yet.
END OF THE LINE - the track stopped just short of the bridge.  That black
stuff is landscape fabric which will be installed under the bridge to control
PAUL'S TURN - He's on a small stretch of straight track, the only straight
track on the whole railroad!
WHAT'S UP WITH THIS? - Well, sorry, we can't build any more track until
the bridge is done.  But give it a few days, and we'll get moving again!
IT CAN HOLD THIS MUCH WEIGHT - but the bridge will have girders on
each side so it will be able to carry even more weight than this when it's done.
CHARGING HER UP - The new generator (colored blue of course) is
powering the battery charger.  We are topping off the charge for a special
event tomorrow.