JULY 15-24, 2009
NEW TURNOUT - I cut the ties on Friday, then worked on the turnout here
and there over the next 3 days.  Here's how it looked on the workbench on
PROMPT DELIVERY - Soon it was on its way to the Red Zone.  That's not
Big Brown, but if we colored the golf cart red we could call it Big Red!
OUT WITH THE OLD - a 9-foot section of curved track.
IN WITH THE NEW - The new turnout gets fitted into place.
FINISHED PRODUCT - The new turnout's rails are bolted in, the turnout is
ballasted, and the approach tracks have been tuned up.
DUMPING A LOAD - Friday afternoon Paul and I used the tractor to get
more soil from the pasture and dump it where the new straightaway will be
ROAD ROLLER - The combined weight of the tractor, the antifreeze-filled
tires, and the extra-large operator helped to tamp down the new roadbed.
JOHN HENRY POUNDS THE SPIKES - Well, it's not John Henry, it's
Paul, and the rechargeable drill and track screws are a lot easier than pounding