JUNE 23 & 25, 2009
TAKING IT FOR A SPIN - Charlotte goes for a ride with her niece Tracey
and her nephew John, visiting from Savannah Georgia.
FOUR PEOPLE ON BOARD - Looks like three, but Tracey and John's
sister Nicole (the engineer) is four months pregnant.  So the baby makes it
INLAWS - Pete's brother-in-law John is the engineer, and John's
brother-in-law Pete is going along for the ride.  In other words, John is
Charlotte's brother.
MULE CROSSING -  Usually the train has the right of way, but who's
going to argue with a mule this big!
HORSE CROSSING - If he can do it, I can do
DOG CROSSING - If they can do it, I can do it!
FIRST RUN FOR THE SECOND CAR - About 5 minutes before this
picture was taken, we finished the car by drilling holes for the drawbar pins.
ONBOARD RECOVERY - Charlotte is recovering from surgery and finds a
train ride is a nice way to relieve stress.
CATCHING UP - Paul has no trouble catching up to Pete, riding the Slowly Galloping Goose.  Later I found out that Paul has not
ridden the Goose yet.  So I said "Let's fix that!"  But he said he's having having so much fun with the Critter, he didn't want to get off!
RAILROAD CROSSING SIGN - Paul made this nice custom sign but I didn't
get a chance to mount it until John was here to help. Looks like the other sign
needs to go!
HAPPY COUPLE - Here's another shot of Charlotte and Pete.  That's a new
drawbar between the two cars, a steel one that Paul brought over, to get that
clanking sound!