JUNE 20-21, 2009
CONVERTIBLE TOP - I built a cab roof and front which are removable,
almost like a "hardtop convertible"  without the high price tag!
FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL - My son Nathan drove the train with me in the
back.  We rode it so hard it blew a fuse and wore out the rider car's bearings!
GOOSE TO THE RESCUE - So Nathan drove the Galloping Goose while the
disabled Critter looks on.
SOMETHING DIFFERENT - Later Mark stopped over.  We replaced the
fuse and got her cranked up again.  He found an exciting new way to ride -
SPRING BYPASS - I found a way to bypass the springs by jamming a piece
of wood above the bearing assembly between the two springs.  The springs are
located under the bolts.  I devised a way to keep both sides from moving with
one piece of wood.  It looks a little crude but it works!
LEAN MACHINE - A few days before I noticed the Critter was leaning badly
when Paul was riding it.  Apparently the springs are too soft to hold a rider, and
I needed to find a way to equalize one of the axles or to block the spring