JUNE 20, 2009
COUPLED UP - The newly completed rider car is ready to go.  On the
previous page you can see pictures of the test run for the car's suspension
UNDERCARRIAGE - Under the deck is a pair of single wheelsets, the left one
able to pivot side to side in order to track better.  The axle ends ride on ball
ANOTHER VIEW UNDERNEATH - On the left axle assembly you can see
the bolts which enable the pivot action, and open areas for the wheels.
PIVOT - These two pictures show the pivoting action of the front axle.  The assembly is basically a 13 by 15 inch box with a plywood bottom with cutouts for
the wheels. Ball bearings are mounted in 1 1/8 inch holes in the 2x4's.  The car is 18 by 40 inches, and the axles are 20 inches apart.  (The Critter's wheelbase is
22 1/4 inches.)
MY FAVORITE PART OF PAINTING - Removing the masking and seeing
the finished product.  I wish the spray paint would cover better, but it worked
out OK.
THE WHOLE TRAIN ON A GOLF CART - Yep, they both fit just fine.  
There was a storm brewing, so I couldn't wait for the camera lens to warm up.  
By the time I got to the railroad, I barely had time to unload and take pictures
before the rain.
INSTALLING A BEARING - I found bearing assemblies at Tractor Supply. I
drilled a 1 1/8 inch hole, inserted the bearing, and secured it with screws