JUNE 12-14, 2009
We quickly adopted a name for this new locomotive, the "Critter."  In real railroads, the term "critter" applies to any locomotive
that's owned by private operators like grain elevators, mines, steel mills, and so forth.  Most are small locomotives,  just big enough
to lug around a few cars to position for loading. But here on the Calvert Central, the Critter is destined to be our main locomotive
for fast express trains!
READY TO RIDE - A little crude maybe, but the paint and lettering are done
GUEST ENGINEER - Kate has never ridden anything like this before.  The
blue and gold is very appropriate: she is a 1999 graduate of the University of
OOPS - she drove it a little too fast and it derailed.  No harm done, Kate and
the Critter are unharmed.  In a matter of seconds, she was back on board.
TALL MAN ON LITTLE ENGINE - Kate's hubby Imad is 6 foot 4, but he fit
OK and had a blast riding the Critter.
TAKING THE GOOSE FOR A GALLOP - Kate took a turn riding the
Galloping Goose, which already was lettered Number One.
THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE - Imad said "can we race the two
engines?" I said sure, why not!  The Critter is quite a bit faster than the
single-speed Goose.
BACK INTO THE TRAIN SHED - Kate carefully backs the Critter into the
train shed, where the Goose is patiently waiting for its new companion.