May 20-25, 2009
PRIMER - First I had to wait for dry weather.  Then I could empty out the
shed, sweep the floor, and paint a coat of oil-base primer.
TOP COAT - After waiting 2 days for the primer to dry, I applied a coat of
latex floor paint.  The job was much easier than applying the primer.
BASIC TURNTABLE - A 6-foot-long piece of 3/4 plywood, rounded at the
ends, grooved for wheels, and eight ball-bearing rollers.
ROLLER - I'm not sure exactly what's it's called, but it has ball bearings
inside, a one-inch ball, can support heavy loads, and rotates in all directions.
INSTALLED - It has a simple pivot in the center consisting of a drywall
screw, and approach rails made of wood, 1 1/4 inch tall.
NINETY DEGREES - It spins all the way around, and both ends fit the
approach rails.  Later I will have other tracks to store engines and cars.
HOW THE ENDS FIT - The approach rails from outside are going uphill, and
there's a gap a little more than an eighth of an inch.
GOOSE TAKING A SPIN - The Goose is using the turntable, and this way it
can be reversed without building a wye track.  By golly, it works!