JUNE 22, 2014
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The wiring is complete and the engine is running well on the 20-foot test track.  Now it's time
to take the locomotive to the railroad and give it a test run. We want to see how it does on
the Calvert Central's curves and grades and see how it does with the speed kicked up a bit.
TRAILER MODIFICATIONS - I installed a strip of 3/4 plywood 11 inches
wide with a 7-inch-wide strip of 3/4 plyood to fit between the wheels.
TRANSITION PIECES - Next we added a couple of pieces to fit between
the rails and the trailer ramp.
STOPS - I installed one piece of 3/4 plywood where the front wheels should
stop and another at the back of the front truck, swiveled so that it's easier to
UNLOADING - Candy is helping with the unloading process.  There was a
big vertical misalignment to take care of by propping up the loading track.
BABY'S FIRST STEPS - This is the first time it's been on the rails of the
Calvert Central.  Everything seems smooth so far.
BABY'S FIRST WALK - It pulls along smoothly and the sound system is
fantastic.  I still took it easy in case of derailments on rough streches of track.
PASSING ITS BROTHER - It passes engine #2, which is now five years old.
CATCHING SOME RAYS - It gleams in the afternoon sunshine.
THROUGH THE COVERED BRIDGE - It had no clearance problems, and the colors
compliment the red covered bridge nicely.  That's one proud father behind her!
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