JUNE 10, 2014
Candy is helping us move the locomotive from the garage to a 20-foot
test track on the front porch.  Here we will finish the wiring of the motor
control and sound systems and take the engine  for a short check ride.
NEW DIGS - The GP35 is resting at its new home.  Notice how strange the
rear truck looks without the sideframe assemblies.  We are also working on the
BRACING FOR THE WORST - We have installed heavy duty bracing so
that the pilot won't snap off if it hits something.  We have left room for the
BRACE DETAIL - A 2X4 holds the diagonal pieces.  The pilot is made of
3/4 pywood notched along the top and stairwell areas to 3/8 inch.
INITIAL INSTALLMENT - We still have a number of details to add, and will
have to cut the bottom edge for more clearance, but the basic pilot is installed.
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REAR PILOT - Same dimensions as the front pilot, same bracing, but this one requires brackets for
holding the drawbar.  The braces are notched, then mounted, then separated with 1/2 inch plwood inserts.
REAR PILOT MOUNTED - The drawbar pocket is really solid, and should
have no trouble pulling a decent-size train.
HOSES - For the hoses on the front pilot I had tried insulated 12-guage wire
but it wasn't quite thick enough.  So I found thicker material from a spare
HOSES READY TO HOOK UP - Well, they won't really hook up to
anything, but they look somewhat like the real thing.
PILOT ALMOST DONE - I mounted a dummy coupler made of plywood  
and painted everything.  I still have to add a few details but the basics are done.
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