JUNE 3, 2014
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The shipment arrived on May 27, and I'm sure the UPS man was curious about what was inside
the 71-pound box.  It was a week or so before I had time to get back to work on the GP35.
CONTENTS - Two custom chassis assemblies (offset motors, 14 inch
wheelbase), cables, battery, sound/control system, handheld controller, and
wiring diagram.
FRAME CUTOUT TEMPLATE - we need to cut holes in the GP35 frame to
accomodate the motor and give it room to swivel.  So I made a plywood
CUTTING THE HOLE - not very symmetrical, but it needs room to swivel.
CROSSBAR - 3/4 plywood 11 inches long, custom cut and bolted on.
STABILIZERS - Wheels mounted on custom casters. These will bear the
weight of the locomotive, keep it stable, and allow for smooth swivelling.
SIDE VIEW - Here you can see the rollers and how they are a bit higher than
the center pivot block.  The pivot will be a lag bolt mounted from inside the
SWIVELLED LEFT, SWIVELLED RIGHT - You can see how the cutouts keep the motor from binding.
TRUCK MOUNT, SIDE VIEW - The truck has room to turn and yet the
side-to-side motion is restricted by the stablilizing rollers.
MOUNTING MECHANISM COMPLETE - it's not really done until it's
painted black!  Soon we will work on the other truck and take it for a test
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