APRIL 8, 2014
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On Monday it was raining so it was a good time to make the "Calvert Central" diamond logos.  On the computer I
started an Excel table and found an appropriate font called "California," used the largest size (72), and printed it in
white letters and black background.  I measured and cut the diamond shape and drew the borders with a black
pen.  I made copies at 87% reduction for the 6-inch front logos and 154% enlargement for the side logos.  Then I
had them printed at Staples on adhesive paper and cut the diamonds carefully with scissors.  Here's the results:
Tracing and cutting pieces of 3/4 plywood at 6 1/8 inch diameter.
I had acquired a piece of 1/16 inch aluminum (from dumpster diving) that
happened to be just long enough to wrap around the disk.  I cut a 1 3/4 inch
strip and bent it.  We will finish the exhaust fans in the next few days.
PAINTING CONTINUED - On Sunday it was a nice day but a little too windy and the ground too wet to do
much yard work.  Time to work on the railroad!  So I measured, masked, and painted the intake grill areas for the
radiators, dynamic brakes, and traction motor blowers.  Then on Tuesday I finished and applied the diamond
logos. So far I have not been able to find a true yellow highlighter; all of them I found have a greenish tint.
I scoured the house to find an object to use to trace a 4.6-inch diameter for
the smaller fan.  Yes, it's a cat feeding bowl.  Hey, what can I say - it works!
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The centers of the fans were cut from 1/2 inch plywood for the larger fans and
2 layers of 4 mm plywood for the center fan, plus lots of sanding around the
Charlotte found a couple varieties of plastic mesh that could be used for fans
and intake grills.  The round comes in white only but the rectangular is available
in black.
For the exhaust stack I started with a solid block of fir, but making the opening
would be a problem.  So I made it with 1/2 inch plywood with 10 degree edges.
The cap is made from 4 mm luan plywood.  I used the band saw, so there is
a spot on the other side where the blade went through to cout out the center
Here is a view with all 4 fans and the stack.  Notice the plastic mesh in the fans,
spray painted black.  The only major roof detail missing is the horn assembly.