JULY 29, 2014
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I found a modestly-priced 8-inch speaker on Amazon, GRS model number FR-8,
$14.33 plus shipping.  We'll try mounting it just behind the cab's back wall.
SPEAKER MOUNT - We're running out of plywood, so this is the best I
could do with the scraps I had on hand.  It will match 3 of the 4 speaker
mounting holes.
MOUNTED AND HOOKED UP - The bracket is screwed in from the
outside of the hood.  Meanwhile I moved the amplifier so it doesn't interfere
with the sight lines through the cab windows.
Pictured from the back, with the
cab in place.  After this shot was
taken, I cut out a semicircle from
the cab wall to give the speaker a
little more room to broadcast the
For the side numbers I looked through some fonts on the computer and
FreesiaUPC was the one I liked the best.  I took the printout and blew it up on
the copier to make 3-inch-high numbers. I cut them out and traced them onto
masking tape on the engine.
After cutting the numbers with a box cutter and removing the masking it
looked like this.  Then I added more masking tape and cardboard and
sprayed with flat black spray paint.
not perfect, but looks
pretty good from a
distance. It has that
"Reading" look to it.
TABLE SAW INSTEAD OF LATHE - It starts with a 1 1/4 inch dowel and a
care-ful cut with the table saw.  With every cut, you move the rip fence a bit
and adjust the blade depth just so.
ROUGH CUT - A good piece will look like this.  Once the cuts are
satisfactory, then I cut the dowel to length with the chop saw, leaving about
1/8 inch for a bulge to be sanded to shape on the freshly-cut end.
ALMOST READY TO INSTALL - Just a little bit more sanding to go.
INSTALLATION - First I cut and glued on a shelf to fit between the truck's
wheel bearings and the cylinder. Then I drilled a 1/4-inch hole and glued in a
dowel pin.
INSTALLED - After drilling a hole in the truck and glueing the assembly to the
truck, it looks like this.  Next we wait for the glue to dry.
FINISHED PRODUCT - Both cylinders are now installed, the glue is dry,
and everything is spray painted flat black.  Now repeat three more times.