JULY 20, 2014
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SHOWING OFF FOR THE CAMERA - After the side sills and corner steps were installed
and painted, we just had to take some pictures of what our new locomotive looks like.
BUILDING THE CORNER STEPS was a project that took a while to figure out.  
After a couple of false starts, I made a step assembly that could be installed as a unit.
PREASSEMBLED UNIT - all the parts are glued together, one piece at a
time.  It took two days and a lot of patience to get to this point.  The half-inch
piece will be screwed to the deck after the assembly is painted.
PILOT EXTENSION - I tried to copy the prototype but the drawings were
too small to make accurate measurements.  So I made this piece on the band
saw and did some shaping and sanding until it looked right.
NEXT METHOD: PIECE BY PIECE - The first step was to glue the back
plate (1/4 inch luaun) to the bracket (1/2 inch plywood).  After it dried
thoroughly, I attached the bracket, cut and glued the bottom step, then cut and
glued the middle step.  While waiting for the glue to dry, I attached the pilot
extension piece.
FINISHED PRODUCT - After sanding and a coat of blue paint, the left front
steps are looking pretty good.  This procedure was repeated for the right front
and right rear steps.  The original assembly was attached to the left rear corner.