JUNE 29, 2014
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With the new locomotive, we are running out of room in the train shed.  So it's time for another
track. There was a stub switch there already, so turning it into a 3-way switch won't be as
difficult as starting from scratch.  So, with a few diagonal cuts on the bandsaw and opening two
gaps in existing rails, I was able to hake a working 3-way switch with a minimum of time and
ALL IN A ROW - 3 of our riding cars are lined up on the 3 tracks in the train
shed. To fit another car or locomotive, just use the space all the way to the
FROM THE INSIDE LOOKING OUT - The completed turnout.  The new
track is on the left.  There are no guard rails, but at low speeds we don't really
need them.
THE EASY PART - Installing the outside rail. No cutting, no filing, no fuss.
THE HARD PART - Cutting into the rail using a hacksaw, chisel, and file.
TRACK GAUGE - The track should be accurately gauged at every point on
every rail.  This is one of the most important parts of building a turnout.
READY TO USE - The stub rails are lined up for the center track.  The rails in
the foreground actually bend to meet the diverging rails.