JUNE 1, 2014
Paul finally got a chance to bring his friend Amy to meet us and ride on the Calvert Central.  Within
minutes they had a special announcement for us - they're engaged!  We showed Amy some of the many
contributions Paul has made to the railroad - the girder bridge bases, the wood for the covered bridge
siding, the sign over the train shed door, the camelback's boiler and smokestack, a tractor seat for a
riding car, and the list goes on.
Paul wanted to run his favorite engine, the Camelback, and he and Amy are all smiles.
After a while, we got Amy to drive #2 on her own.
Side by side running with Bella waiting for someone to throw the
When Candy saw Mommy riding the train, she insisted on climbing aboard for a ride.
Candy's just about done riding, ready to jump down and relax on solid ground.
Pete's working on
levelling out a rough
section of track.
Pete at the controls of his favorite engine, #4, and favorite riding
Amy driving the golf cart past Colleen, who is riding Dancer.
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