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EARLY START - We started at 6:00 to take advantage of the daylight.  It was
nice and sunny while we munched on our hot dogs...about 36 of them!
WAITING AT THE CROSSING - Carl and Roy wait for a heavily loaded
train to pass.  There were no accidents or derailments for quite a while.
HAPPY CREW - Joe, Bob, and Walt cruise along while Dick rides solo in the
UP CLOSE AND FRIENDLY - and this time we're acting civilized!
OUT OF THE WOODS - The camelback has been working hard up the hill and now speeds up for an open stretch.
DRINKING AND DRIVING - and still managed to stay upright!
BOB AT THE THROTTLE - and it looks like he's enjoying himself!
DAN TAKES A TURN - and in the background Bella is lookng for snacks.
NO SNACKS HERE - Bella heads back to the picnic tables.
COUPLER POCKET RIPPED APART - we tried to patch it up as best we
could, one guy doing the work and 5 guys supervising.  To make matters
worse, the drill's battery was dying and the poor guy with the drill (me) was
taking a ribbing.
RUNAWAY TRAIN - The throttle malfunctioned for Carl and suddenly the
train leaped forward.  We had a great time watching him run to catch the
train.  Neither Carl or the train were hurt in the filming of this incident.
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