AUGUST 13, 2013
For five dollars you can ride all day - not the full-size steam train, but the motorcar, the "Cranky Cars," and the 15-inch gauge
"Little Pufferbelly," formerly called the Cagney.  The 15-inch-gauge railroad has recently doubled in length, and now runs all
the way from the back of the shops to the tower at the west end of the property.  This is a great way to spend a few hours
around the trains.
The cars are comfortable and stable.  They can fit two kids side by side (or one
adult), 4 seats per car, 4 cars, so that's a max of 64 people.
The 4-4-0 steam engine is coal-fired.  Usually the crew stops once per trip for
coal and water, at the midway point near the Thomas-the-Tank-Engine Store.
On the new section the track curves around the back of the ticket office.
Then the whole train slowly clanks across a turntable near the replica PRR
The engine cuts off the train, runs to the other end of the train, turns around on
the turntable, and backs up and couples to the train.
At the far end, behind the shops, the engine cuts off the train, runs around a
wye, and hooks up to the other end of the train.
The train approaches a narrow shed and dives right in.
You can also take a ride on the Lancaster Oxford and Southern motorcar, which has been beautifully restored inside and
The kids can ride on the muscle-powered "Cranky Cars."
Number 2 is a brightly-colored standard-gauge "Critter."