AUGUST 18, 2013
We already had two rider cars that match the Critters, but Paul had given us a spare
lawn-tractor seat.  We also had spare plywood and could use the sturdy wheelsets from the
caboose.  So we built a new rider car with a nice comfortable seat and painted it to match the
other cars and the Critters.
BRAND SPANKING NEW - the paint had barely dried when I took this
picture.  The colors are Sears "Visionary Blue" and Ace "Love's Light" Yellow.  
The deck is 18 inches wide by 42 long, and the body is 10 inches wide by 40
long by 12 inches.
PASSENGERS - Genny is sitting in comfort with her ldog Spicey.  As you
can see, the car's body sits lower than the original, 12 inches above the deck
instead of 15 inches.  This makes for a lower center of gravity.
REAR COUPLER MOUNT - Notice the drawbar is free to move side to side.
FRONT VIEW - The seat is very wide, just over 20 inches.  The deck is 18"
WHEELSET ASSEMBLIES - The stationary one (on the left) is 3.5 inches
high, and the sprug set is made like a box, 2.5 inches high.
SPRINGS AND GUIDE BARS - The guide bars are 1/4 inch bolts covered
with Bic Roundstick pen pieces and held with cotter pins.  The springs fit into
SPRUNG WHEEL ASSEMBLY - We had to add another pair of springs because the car bottomed out with
the original four springs.  The guide pins keep the assembly from moving side to side, but allow up-and-down