SEPTEMBER 22, 2013
It was a sunny and cool Sunday morning, and when I checked www.heritageunits.com , I noticed the Reading "Bee Line"
engine was near Columbia Pa heading down the Port Road.  I grabbed my camera and headed for Port Deposit, hoping
I didn't miss it.  I parked at the boat ramp south of town.  No train.  Must have missed it.  So I went north on Route
222.  Found the middle of the train headed south.  So I headed south and found a spot to park along Canal Road.  I
shouted to the NS maintenance guy that the Reading unit is my favorite engine on the whole railroad, and he gave me the
thumbs up.  And here comes the train!
Imagine my disappointment when the train came  into view, but no Bee Line
Here it passes an old house and the NS maintenance truck.
The crossing gates were silent but the old PRR position-light signals were
At the VFW Post, the engineer waves to a group of kids waving from the
Crossing the girder bridge just north of the town of Port Deposit...and along the retaining wall separating the railroad from the narrow
And finally cruises past the public boat ramp at the south end of town.  I
started for home, but figured why not go along Route 222 again to see if there
was another train following this one.
Imagine my surprise when I saw the Bee Line engine running as a Distributed
Power Unit at the back of the train!  I rushed along the main drag, firing off the
shutter whenever I got a good look.
Here it's passing one of the town's emergency response vehicles...and
Parting shot as it heads along the Susquehanna River toward Perryville.
And here she is, pushing her train at a good clip along the mighty Susquehanna River past the busy boat launching