Less than a year ago, the refinery at Delaware City, Delaware opened a new oil-train unloading facility, and trains of crude oil
from North Dakota started appearing regularly.  These trains use some of the newest locomotives on the Norfolk Southern,
and that includes the 20 locomotives painted for the railroads that made up the railroad's heritage.  My friend Carl has been
actively tracking the Heritage Units that use the line to Delaware City, and has been keeping me updated when our favorite
units are appearing nearby.
On April 7, Carl called me at work to say that the CNJ unit was about to leave Delaware City.  I managed to leave
work early and we met at the Route 40 railroad crossing in Bear.  Within a few minutes of our arrival, along comes
the train.
Here we are located at the carwash at the northwest corner of the crossing.
The track parallels Route 72 toward Newark and offers several nice viewing
Then I drove to the curve where the line from Delaware City enters the
Northeast Corridor in Newark.  The train was waiting there for
clearance. This was a 100-car train and had a Distributed Power Unit
on the back.
Another view from Route 72 with lots of sunshine to light up the engine.
My next opportunity was on a late summer Saturday, September 7.  When Carl called about the
Southern Railway heritage unit, I had to rush to find a spot.  This is at the Wilmington Kennel Club
along Route 72.
Here the train is at the Northeast Corridor curve, accelerating with a a mighty
Toward sunset on the same day, Carl called to say the Reading Company heritage unit (which we
had been waiting for all day) was finally leaving Delaware City.  I tried to take a picture in the
fading light at the Wilmington Kennel Club location but the camera failed me.  After chatting with
Carl and David and another railfan, I decided to meet the train at Perryville Maryland.  I couldn't
find a well-lit spot to take a picturet, but I guess this will have to do, with the engine's reflector
tape shining from the camera flash.