2013 TRACK EXPANSION - Continued
MAY 4-6, 2013
DOWN THE HILL - The grade is a steady 3 percent.  I dug the base deeper
in this spot so there wouldn't be as much filling to do further down the hill.
ALMOST DONE NOW - It turned out we didn't need many of the rocks to
build up the trackbase, only about 5 inches at the lowest spots.
ONE PIECE TO GO - Only about 8 feet of track to go now!  I had installed
30 feet of track along the fenceline about a week ago.
OUTER RAIL DONE - It was easier to fit the last piece with only one rail at
a time so it can bend easier.  This spot is the lowest in elevation on the whole
LAST RAIL JOINT - I  guess you could say this last joint is the "Golden
Spike" of the whole 2013 track expansion project.
DONE AT LAST - At 6 PM on May 6, we now have the new main line
completed! It involved moving 2 turnouts, installing a crossing, and fitting 200
feet of track.
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