APRIL 12-MAY 4, 2013
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REMOVING THE TURNOUT - In the back of the railroad, the turnout had to
come out to be used elsewhere.  The joints are removed, the turnout is pulled
out, and the ballast moved off to the side.  The replacement track panel is on the
golf cart.
REPLACEMENT COMPLETE - The turnout was replaced with a track
panel, a perfect fit on the right side, needing an extra piece of rail on the left.  
Then the joint bars were bolted on and the ballast replaced.  All done.
MOVING THE TURNOUT - Candy is supervising the next step, moving the
turnout to its new location.  Why carry it when you can use a golf cart!
NEW SPOT - The turnout will fit between the girder bridge and the new
crossing.  Next step is to cut the rail and remove the original track.
READY TO INSTALL - The old track is removed, the ballast is scraped off to
the side, and the next step is to move the turnout in its place and bolt the rails
JUST ABOUT DONE - The turnout is now in its final place, rails bolted to
the original track, and the new connecting track is fit in bolted on as well.
REMOVING SOD - As the track expansion proceeds, the sod has to be
removed in most spots.  At first I used a shovel, but it's a lot easier with the
MORE SOD REMOVAL  - With the tractor's front end loader, the sod has
been pulled back along the straightaway.  There were a few tree roots to
chop as well.
TRACK PROGRESS - Two more 10-foot panels, a 32 inch piece,
the turnout for the ramp, and another 10-foot panel have been
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