APRIL 25 to 27, 2009
EASIER CURVES - The new route has gentler curves, and here you see the
new route crossing over the site of the old route.
CHECK THIS OUT - Piney the mule is checking the track.  He showed me
where I needed to put some more ballast.
HOMEMADE JOINT BARS - I ran out of joint bars (left) so I had to make
my own out of aluminum..  I only had 6 more to go.  they work just fine.
LAST JOINT BAR - I'm installing the final joint bar (for a while at least).  
There's still a lot of tie adjustment and track alignment work to do.
ENTRANCE RAMP - I secured the rails to 2x4's which are attached to the
shed floor at the far end and sitting on ballast (on a hidden cross tie) at the near
WOODEN RAILS - The trains' wheels run on temporary rails made of strips
of half-inch plywood.  They work fine!
OUT FOR A SPIN - the Galloping Goose peeks her nose out of the shed.  
Even though the track isn't quite ready, maybe we can take her for a spin.
DERAILMENT - Yes, the track needs adjustment.  Not only is the curvature
tight here, the ties aren't fitting snug in the ballast yet and the track is wobbly.
GOOSE-EYE VIEW - Here's what the new track looks like from the driver's
seat.  The Goose made it around OK, but there's several wobbly spots in the
POSING FOR A PICTURE - The Galloping Goose poses on the new
trackage in front of its new shed.
CAREFUL NOW - I'm taking it slow, with a hand on the brakes.  So far so
LOOK MOM, NO HANDS - and I'm having a blast!