APRIL 10 TO 24, 2009
Here I'm delivering a load of stone with my newly acquired tractor, a 1984
Inter-national 254 diesel with front end loader and turf tires.
April has been a very tough and very busy month for us, mostly for things not related to the railroad.  Once the shed was delivered, it
had to be adjusted, the fence had to be reconnected, and we had to figure out the new route for the track.  Trackwork finally started
on April 24.
David pulled a cartload of stone with the golf cart, and here we're unloading it
in front of the new shed.
It will only take a minute to level out the new piles of stone.  I'll lower the
bucket and pull backward with the tractor.
A NEW HOME -  The Galloping Goose will call the new shed home from
now on.  I charged its batteries and then delivered it on April 23.
THE EASY WAY - Why pick up a heavy 18-foot section of track by hand
when you can do it with a tractor!  Smokey and Piney are munching grass
TAKING SHAPE - I did some grading work with the tractor, chopped a
couple of surface roots with the axe, and started connecting track panels