MARCH 22, 2009
A VISIT FROM MARCIA - Our neighbor Marcia wanted to check out our
progress, so she brought a load of stone with her.
TRADING PLACES - She said "Pete, why don't you borrow the tractor for
the rest of the day!" and she and I traded vehicles.  What a wonderful
SCOOPING IT UP - It took a bit of training, but I finally got the hang of
getting a bucketful of stone.  This is fun!
VIEW FROM A DEERE - This is the view as you drive a John Deere tractor
with a bucketful of 3/4 inch stone.  Soon we will be in the Red Zone.
FILLING THE ENCLOSURE - I hadn't finished assembling the 4x4 frame
that will keep the stone foundation secure, but here it is after about 4 loads.
KEEPING THE GARDEN SAFE - The other job we did today was to put up
a tem-porary fence so we can keep the horses in the back yard when the shed
is delivered.