MARCH 18-21, 2009
PLAYTIME - While Charlotte and I did some measuring and planning, the
horses decided to romp around the Red Zone.  Minutes later they took off at a
full gallop.
STONE DELIVERED - It rained on Thursday, which meant there was too
much mud for the dump truck to deliver to the shed site.  So here it is, 12 tons
of 3/4 inch.
TRACKS DISAPPEARING - To make room for the shed delivery, I had to
pull most of the track so it wouldn't be in the way.  The wood debris has to
move too!
TRACK PULLER - This is the easy way to pull 18 feet of track out of the
way - sliding on the track that's still on the ground, pulling it with the crowbar.
LOOKING EMPTY - Most of the track is pulled out of the way now.  A
stack of new track is on the left and the shed site is in the center of the photo.
TRACK STACK - Some of the track is stacked out of the way.  Only about
27 feet remains where it was.  There will be a new track alignment after the
shed is done.