MARCH 7, 2009
BRAKES APPLIED - With the top lever pulled up and back, the L shaped
piece pivots clockwise and makes contact with the wheel.
BRAKES RELEASED - The pivot arm drops down under its own weight and
leaves a gap.  The actual pivot is 2 inches above the floor.  The arm is 3/4 inch
COMPLETE - There is a guide located below the handle.  Also, the motor's
electric control switch has been relocated to an easy-to-reach spot in the
driver's window.
DRIVE MECHANISM - A lever at the front of the cab roof is pulled back,
pushing the motor assembly back, tightening the pulley against the belt,
engaging the belt.
READY FOR A SPIN - The goose is unloaded from the trailer and sits on the
track, ready to run around the loop for the first time.  Today it's just me.
DERAILMENT - on the second lap, the Goose derailed on a sharp curve.  
It's possible these curves are too sharp for this long-wheelbased piece of
PULLING A TRAILER - with the help of a new drawbar, the Goose can now
pull the little flatcar we were riding a few days ago.
COVERED UP FOR THE NIGHT - a new 6x8 foot tarp fits nicely on the
Goose, and the bungee cords keep it nice and snug.
RIDING AND SMILING - The next day, I took her for another spin while
Charlotte took pictures.  Later she rode on the flatcar.
WEIGHTLIFTING - The Goose derailed on a tight curve and I have to lift it
back onto the track.  We're planning a track realignment with wider curves.