The P&C's Budd car has been running on many different railroads.  It's easy to bring along since it's a
single car and battery powered, especially now that it has a "Budd Tote."   Here is a sampler of where it's
been this year.
The RDC is high atop the Weatherby Trestle in Fallston, Maryland, on
Picking up passengers at the Keystone and Diamond RR in Wilmington, Delaware,
At the end of the line on the West Berlin Garden Railroad, Berlin, New Jersey,
Picking up passengers on the Marshallton Central Railroad, in Marshallton,
PA, (near West Chester), 9/22/03.  The car was unable to negotiate some
of the curves here because of its length, so the best we could do was run a
Photo by    
Cruising along the line at Cliff's garden railroad in Chesapeake City, Maryland,
The RDC and two other trains running in the grass under the shade of a huge
oak tree at the Mason-Dixon Large Scale Club's display at the Aberdeen
Heritage Festival. It looks empty here, but there were a number of kids just to
the right of this scene, waiting to fill the gondola with acorns as it passed.
Aberdeen, Maryland, 9/20/03.
The Budd Car scoots beneath an RS3 running on brand-new elevated trackage at the Dal
Valley Railroad in Doylestown, PA, 11/10/03.  This is the RDC's fourth visit to this railroad
and certainly the chilliest.  Steve, Tom, and Mike will soon be bringing trains into the warm
On a gorgeous summer evening, the RDC ducks into a tunnel while an SD45 pulls
a train on the near track,  at Ken's garden railroad in Rising Sun, Maryland,
It's now December 14 and the RDC gets a chance to run indoors.  Here it's making a stop
at the Bel Air Station on the Mason-Dixon Large Scale RR Society's modular layout.  The
layout is set up and running throughout the Christmas season in a previously vacant store in
Bel Air Maryland.