ON THE TRESTLE - The Budd car is crossing a short trestle on Chris Petka's
layout in Dover, Delaware during Open House Month.  Shortly after we took
this picture, Chris and I ventured over to another Open
House....                          11/19/05
ON THE BRIDGE - It's crossing a huge concrete viaduct on Carl Hoffman's
Delaware Central RR in Magnolia Delaware.  There are woods all around
and the leaves are covering much of the layout.                         11/19/05
UNDER A RED SKY - Maroon that is - on a trestle on the Mason Dixon
Club's modular layout at the B&O Museum in Baltimore, during setup.     
BUDD LIT - the windows are aglow with the bright afternoon sunshine during
a lull in the action at the B&O Museum.               12/10/05
SPEEDING BUDD - The Budd Car is speeding past the Sonnenburg Station at
the B&O Museum layout.  This must be an express because it certainly isn't
stopping!   12/17/05