WALL OF SNOW - After a big snowstorm, we're not going anywhere, but the
Budd Car did its best to plow the deep light snow.  1/23/05
MOUNTAIN OF SNOW - After a lot of shoveling, I was able to clear the
main line. Later this year there will be a pond where the snow mountain is
today. 1/23/05
A few days before, we were just recovering from a storm, and a few nights of
bitter cold weather turned some of the melting snow into ice.  1/20/05
BUDD ON ICE - After a cold spell, Dick Weatherby's pond in Fallston
Maryland was iced over.  But when we put the Budd car on it, the ice started to
sink!  2/13/05
TUNKHANNOCK VIADUCTS - Near the magnificent Lackawanna RR
viaduct in Nicholson PA is another viaduct - in approximate G scale.  The
Budd car posed on the smaller one.  It was very cold and windy that day.  
SMOKING AND NONSMOKING - In the warm Trolley Museum at
Scranton, the Budd Car is mated with another one that happens to be smoking
heavily.  This layout is normally reserved for narrow gauge trains.  2/19/05
THE ABYSS - The Budd Car and Mike Moran's Doodlebug pose at the
edge of the unfinished  SEPGRS Modular Layout at the East Coast Large
Scale Show.  4/1/05
THROUGH THE WOODS - It's still early spring as the car glides along the
wooded splendor of Dick Dabney's layout in Chadds Ford, PA.  4/11/05
GREENVILLE DIAMOND - The Budd car has travelled all the way to
Greenville, South Carolina, for a visit and a spin on the Poinsett and Paris
Mountain Railroad.  5/1/05