BUDD ON THE ROAD - 2004 - Page 3
BEL AIR MARYLAND - The Budd Car joins the lineup at Joe Sova's
new layout in Bel Air, Maryland on 10/12/04.  I tried to get there before
dark, but the commuter traffic was unbearable.  More people should take
a train to work!
YARDVILLE NEW JERSEY - The car slows to a station stop at Ron
White's layout in Yardville, New Jersey on a chilly November 8.  There's
a TV camera mounted on the back of the car, and we could watch videos
of the ride.
DOVER, DELAWARE - Our Reading Budd Car passes a Reading SD45 on
Chris Petka's ID&OM Railroad on November 18.  The initials stand for In Debt
and Outta Money.
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - The Mason Dixon Large Scale Club set up a
modular layout at the B&O Museum for the Christmas season.  The Budd Car
poses on the trestle on November 26.  That day over 3500 people visited the
IS IT REAL OR IS IT ARISTOCRAFT? - The Budd Car poses in the sun in
front of a prototype B&O Budd Car on 11/26/04.  The prototype is not only a lot
bigger, but it's about 50 years older!