BUDD ON THE ROAD - 2004 - Page 2
RDC's on TV - On July 29, Channel 10's Backyard Weather was broadcast from Bob
Whipple's back yard in West Berlin, New Jersey.  Here Bob is between interviews while the
cameraman is aiming at Forecaster Amy Freeze.  Bob's RDC is behind the cameraman and mine
is just below and to the left.
Tug Of War - A few weeks after the Big Trip we were back at Tom Weaver's in
Doylestown, this time sharing the track with a long freight and Mike Moran's new
battery-powered Doodlebug  (See
Doodlebug Battery Conversion for more details).  For
the fun of it, we staged a tug-of-war.  Unfortunately the Doodlebug won.  It had fresh
traction tires and more weight over the drive wheels, but it certainly didn't have as many
miles on it as the P&C's Budd Car!
Railfanning Kitty - Sadie the Cat loves to sit in the shade watching trains.  She wasn't the
least bit alarmed to see this shiny silver visitor from Delaware.  She lives with Doug Harlon
and his family in Brookhaven PA, where we visited on September 4.
TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT - During a visit to Joe and Leslie Moyer's in Cochranville PA,
we found that the RDC needs more clearance than the LGB catenary poles provide.  Disclaimer:
No RDCs or poles were hurt in the production of this photograph. The date of this incident was
July 10, 2004.
CROSSING THE LINE - the Budd car
crosses the Pennsylvania-Delaware state line
under its own power on temporary track at
Larry Donahoe's on September 13.
STURDY GROUND THROW - the full-scale
ground throw will soon be connected to the G
scale switch at Tyler Junction, where Larry
Donahoe's new railroad (in front) joins with his
father Ken's (background).
On a visit to Dick Dabney's railroad in Chadd's Ford, PA on
September 20, the P&C's Budd Car was able to plow through
the leaves left by a recent storm.and pose at the top of the cliff.