AUGUST 4, 2007
When Bob announced this Open House, I had my first chance to visit since the entire railroad was elevated 32 inches last year, using the Eaglewings Ironcraft
system.  It was a hot and humid day, but many hearty souls braved the heat, including several Girl Scouts visiting the U.S. from around the world.
Three years ago I took this picture of Bob with TV meteorologist Amy Freeze, who
televised the weather from Bob's back yard.  It was a hot and humid day then as well.
Bob custom-painted this F-3 with the Jersey Central's 1950's paint scheme.  There
is a restored F-3 in these colors I rode behind in Jim Thorpe, PA several years ago.
The P&C's well-travelled Budd Car is unloading itself from its Budd Tote, the first
time it's visited since the layout was "raised."
The Budd Car is stopped along the street where the Beatles are crossing, just as
seen on the cover of the Abbey Road album.
Bob made a trailer for this
speeder and weathered the
two of them nicely.  Looks
like the tower behind them
is getting weathered too!
Here is a Budd RDC that Bob has
backdated to 1961.  There are shades
in the windows, vents on the roof and
roof blister, modified pilots, and
weathered underframe to reflect the
actual look of these commuter
workhorses.  Details are on Bob's
[home page]
For a video of the action, click here