Al and Ethelyn McCracken - A & E Line
As you can tell, the name of the railroad is the A & E Line.  Here's a nice looking storage
Four trains were running most of the time.  I managed to get three in this picture.
Anne and Mike Paterson
This railroad has several nice live steam locomotives but this cute little
battery-powered train was purring along today to entertain the crowd.
The railroad has lots of Disney characters.  Here two of the Dwarfs are guarding the
In a shady corner Peter Pan's pirate ship is floating around the pond.
George and Pat Daughters - Klamath & Western Railroad
The Klamath & Western Railroad has a logging theme, as exemplified by this Shay
pulling a log train down the hill.  A computer program runs the Shay's train and its
route as it negotiates switchbacks as it proceeds from forest to mill.
A Consolidation steams along in the front track near the sawmill.  The Shay's log train
will be coming in across the truss bridge in the background, go around a curve on the
left, and end up on the track between the sawmill and the Consolidation.