Dave and Peggy Hartwig
This layout packs a lot of detail in a small space.  It's also in the shade, which is
great for personal comfort but not great for photography.  There was a Shay
shuttling back and forth on a trestle and a heavily-weathered 2-4-0.  Sorry,
photos were blurry.
Same scene, different angle.  The lazy dog reminds me of my dog Honey.
Peggy took us inside to see the indoor layout.  It had the same fascinating level of
The next place we stopped was at a fruit stand.  The local cherries are fantastic,
especially the variety called Ranier.  A few miles further south is Watsonville, famous
for strawberries.
Craig Miller
This is a small but interesting layout in Santa Cruz.  The trains climb steep grades in
their travels, so double headers are needed on all but the shortest trains.
The Millers have a friendly little Pug who just loves to get his belly rubbed!
After the Tours
After touring the garden railroads and a ride on the Roaring Camp RR, we drove up the
beautiful Pacific coast on Route 1 north from Santa Cruz and discovered this interesting
little cove among the cliffs.  We climbed down and soon we were dipping our toes in
the cold Pacific Ocean.  (Sorry this isn't a railroad picture but I just had to slip this one
in somehow!)
Click HERE for pictures of our ride on the Roaring Camp and Big Trees Railroad.
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