AUGUST 14, 2006
MARSHALLTON CENTRAL RAILROAD is what the sign reads.  In this scene
a trestle and covered bridge cross the pond and there's a well populated beer
garden on the edge.
This is a view of Jean's favorite tree, a miniature Japanese maple I believe. The
railroad circles it at the front of the house, which is in historic Marshallton PA.
THE HAPPY CREW - chatting at the sidewalk enjoying the cool evening breeze.
A rack railroad line climbs from this station along the house up to the beer garden.
The general store is a new building which recently found a home in the center of
the Marshallton Central.
GREENHOUSE RAILROAD - the greenhouse has a layout too, inhabited by a
Reichsbahn passenger train along the ridge and a Shay pulling a log train around the
mill and the Thick And Thin Lumber Company.