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The trip started at Jim Thorpe, PA.  It was a rain-or-shine event, and Tropical Storm Hanna was predicted to hit the area all day.  
Fortunately the storm held off for the first few hours of the trip, enough to get some pictures without getting our cameras wet.
The 425 was steamed up and ready when we arrived.
She had just come out of the shop a few months earlier after a complete overhaul.
FINISHING TOUCHES - Even the bell gets shined up for the trip.
FULL STEAM AHEAD - she pulls a diesel and a 12-car train up the Lehigh Gorge.
DIFFERENT GENERATIONS - The 1250-horsepower F3 on the left is about 40
years older than the 3500-horsepower SD50 on the right.
STEAMING DIESEL - Well, actually it's the steam from the 425.  Notice how the
SD50 towers over the passenger cars.
Our friendly carhost, Mr. Gerhard.
This historical orange-and-blue paint scheme was actually
very short-lived, appearing only in the 1950's.
Our fun-loving group included Mary Beth, Joe, Mark, and Chris.
Across the aisle were our friends Judy and Dick.  Notice the camera's rain cover.